Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dried Acrylic paints

ahoohooohoooohuuhuuu :(
I have a jar (474 ml / 16 oz) of TitaniumWhite Finity Winsor & Newton that has dried up :(
I bought it years ago.
It's kinda rubbery now and if I use an old brush and fiddle with it for a while, I can use it, except it may have tiny clumps here and there.
that's US$20 wasted :(
I searched the internet whether there's something I could do to save it, but I couldn't find any solution, so in frustration I poured a little bit water on top.
I know, but it gave me a peace of mind "at least it'll stay 'moist' under that water now"

Maybe I'll use it for a 'fun' painting, crazy impasto ;p
white on white
or pastel colored painting
we'll see
I used a pallette knife and
I just pressed the paint with the pallette knife onto the canvas, kinda like using a gesso
and it works :)
of course it takes time to spread and smooth the paint onto the canvas and just keep going until it's all even.
if you have some spare time, it's actually kinda fun :)
so this way, I get to use my "dried-up" white paint

seee :)

on the other hand,
I have another glass jar of Liquitex Titanium White (the flowy one)
which I couldn't open for years
so I actually managed to open it...yeayyy
How ?
Heat water in a pan until hot enough... not boiling
put the glass jar upside down for a while, not too long though, just to make the Acrylic that's dried up inside the jar to soften up a bit so it won't seal shut the lid anymore.
then take it out of the water
leave it for a while if the glass jar & lid are too hot to touch
you might want to use a thin surgical glove here
then... twist the lid open and voilaaaaaaaaa !!!! :)
so happy I got it open
then wipe or pull the softened dried acrylic that's been "gluing" the lid to the jar
yupp... that's why u need the glove so you don't get paint all over your hand :)
that's it :)
easy and the paint is still good and flowy :)
just like brand new

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