Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Favorite Books - Guide

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Books are one of my favorite things in the world.
I don't buy every new books that are marked "best seller" or "new arrival"
But Sometimes , some books are just so good, I just have to have them.
Sometimes the books are published way back then, yes old books are sometimes the best.
Sometimes I find books on sale of only 3 dollars !!
Sometimes they just got published and I got attracted by the pretty cover and they turn out to be great books.
Sometimes the cover is really "ugly" and "boring" but the book turned out to be fun.
But one thing's for sure, They're filled with so much useful and amazingly true information
Even after reading it months ago, you can always go back to it and find more information that you didn't notice before.

So here are My Book Recommendations.

They've given me quite a lot of useful information and inspirations and ideas.
and I just wanna share them with you :)

There might be some useful stuff in the store also.
I'll add more stuff that I find useful for me at the store, so you can benefit from it too :)
Some books aren't even in stock anymore, but I find them to be useful, at least for me :)

Enjoy !

PS. I will do reviews of the books in future posts, in the mean time, you can just follow the link to see the books :)

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