Sunday, July 12, 2009

About me

Hi :)
I just want to share
what I know and what I paint (my art)
yup, dat's it :)

If you want to know more about me
Here we go :)

I wasn't very artistic when I was a kid.
I can never draw something just by imagining it.
If I wanna draw an elephant, I must see the picture of the elephant,
otherwise it's going to like a 3 year old just drew it, everything crooked and out of proportion.
Not that it's wrong, but I would like it to look like an elephant :)
I can't do sketches of moving objects as well, why ? coz they move, so I just can't.
Highlights and Shadows are also hard for me.
Plein air drawing/painting, mmm never tried them, but I figure I'll end up bringing every single art supply that I have, just in case, and it could probably get messy too... so....
but I know that everything can be learnt by practice , so I'm practicing :)

I got interested in painting when I was in Year 11 in Sydney, Australia.
I took a Visual Arts class, not knowing anything about acrylic paints and brushes.
I didn't learn much so I dropped the class after a few months.

I took Product Design in University
and on my way home one day,
I saw a place offering painting classes with Oil.
So I went there, took a class and went probably only 3 times
and I didn't continue coz I didn't learn much.
and it was more spending time filling colors on the paintings, rather than learning new techniques and then the 1,5 hours time was over, so I found it kinda useless.

I was then , determined to learn how to paint myself.
I can't explain it, I was just so interested in painting.
So I went on the internet, start searching everything.
I learnt about different types of brushes, papers, paints, etc
I also went to bookstores, bought some imported self-learning art books
Also bought some oil and acrylic paints, and painting supplies, cheap ones at first...
I then started painting

My first painting in oil on canvas turned great.
I, myself couldn't believe that I actually painted that.
So... me... someone who never hold a brush, who couldn't draw well, could actually paint something that good.
I don't mean to brag, but it was really good for a first timer.
I then started painting more and more.
I finally choose acrylic paint because it doesn't make my bedroom reeks of turpentine.
Yes I first painted in my bedroom,
and that bedroom has now been turned into a studio ;) but my wardrobe is still up there.
I now sleep in a room without a wardrobe, how artist-like is that ? :p
well, artists sleep in their studio, so....

The first paintings was an animal.
I'm just so into animals.
and the more I have art books, I started learning how to paint by reproducing the images in those books because I was still learning and their paintings were paintings that I love and they were my references.
I wanted to achieve their painting techniques, their choice of colors.
It's a good learning experience.

I have since stopped painting, or I only painted like once a year.
because I am, well ..... I have to admit.... was lazy...*boo*

But Now,
I want to paint again.
I'll do sketches
I'll do drawings
I'll do paintings
and I'll post it up here.
Whenever I have time to blog about it,
I'll share what I find out, what I've learnt, what I know
I'll share my painting supplies, my book references, my favorite artists
I'll share my painting techniques.
(It's actually a trial-and-error process rather than a technique, but still :))
I'll share stuff I know here.

Because I was in the dark when I first started and it took me awhile to find out about art stuff.
I didn't even know that there are many types of brushes, I didn't even know there are art supplies stores. *d'oh*
So Now I'd like to share what I know and hopefully it can help you too.

if I can do it, so can you.
Start small, get those cheap student/kids grade art supplies and paint away :)

and remember there's no such thing as a bad painting,
1. you're still learning
2. it's Art.

So just Have Fun !!!

and Why "LilMiracles" as the name ?
I want my paintings to be my LilMiracles for me to enjoy, and maybe for others to enjoy too.
and Someday soon, when I'm good enough and I have enough paintings, I'd like to sell/auction my paintings (for a crazy sum of money, hey, one can always wish) and donate the money to charities so that the paintings can be a real Little Miracles for others in need. :)

LilmiraclesArt [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

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