Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pochi painting WIP

My last painting was 3 years ago....
crazy huh....
this is a painting that's long overdue
I posted that I was going to paint this one on Dec 19th 2007
and it's now April 2010

so this is Pochi Poronchi
(the reference pic)

and this was left like this for around..... 2 years ?
oh my

okay.... so I recently started painting again
Day 1 (3 hours)
adding in some color inside

did the eyes and the spray bottle
I've never done still life, so with the spray bottle, I was struggling with the shape and how to make it look plastic-ky

Day 2 (3 hours)
added more background color
it was ultramarine blue + dioxanine purple + titanium white
it took me quite some time to do the background
I'm re-learning the basics of acrylic.....

a little zoom

Day 3 (2.5 hrs)
adding fur details
I'm starting to get frustrated here....
how do I do this ? how do I ? how ? how ? how .....

Day 4 - didn't paint

Day 5 (5 hrs)
finding courage and continuing with it

yeppp.... 5 long hours of trials and errors and experimenting and figuring out this and that

the result :)

I know it may not look finished...
It feels like it's a cut and paste object placed on the canvas
but I really like the color of the background and how it gives a flowy feeling
I seriously find the flowy purple soothing to look at
and I don't want to mess it by adding shadows
and honestly, I'm scared to ruin it ;p
So I'm leaving it like this for now....
This is just to get me started painting again, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself
I was quite pleased with the result :)
I know it's not perfect and the object may be a bit too small in proportion to the canvas.
and I need to learn more about how to paint fur
but for now.... I like it :)

closer look

I'm always open for critiques and suggestions :)
feel free to comment :D

Pochi & spray bottle
Acrylic on Canvas (50cm x 60cm)

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