Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I did these sketches today....

I'm so very rusty though, so I kinda struggled and I was about to give up in the middle because I thought they turn out so uglyyy.....
but as I kept on sketching, they turn out to be quite allright, .....for me at least :)
I know they're not perfect, (yes I notice the jaw :D and yepp... the nose too) but I'm still learning and it's a process.

I think they all took around 1 hour or so.
I sometimes take so long to do a sketch, but sometimes I'd do a 3 minute super quick sketches and they turn out great..... so maybe it also involves being "in the mood" to draw/paint and just do it without pressure or expectations.

I supposed that's why most of us don't really do sketches or paint, because halfway through we got frustrated and the sketches/painting really do look ugly, because they're not done yet !
and we judge ourselves and say that we're not talented enough to draw/paint.
We forgot to just have fun with it.
I know sometimes I feel that drawing/painting is a burden because I expect it to turn out great and if it doesn't turn out great, I'll feel bad about it, but Nooo !!!
I should just draw/paint, no pressures, and just experiment, have fun and is art :)
The whole experience should be fun !!
I forget that sometimes,
so I'm just going to start taking things easily, drawing/painting with no burden, I'm just going to draw/paint, have fun experimenting and learning and see how it goes :)

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