Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Art Supplies

I think I last painted in 2008
it's crazy how long I've been absent from painting !!!

So.... Since I'm going to start painting again
I thought I'd post some of my art supplies :)
actually, I had them on the floor to wipe all the dust away ;p

Here are my Acrylic paints

I started with cheap student paints that comes in little tiny tubes and after a while, I started buying the Finity and Liquitex Acrylic paints little by little....
and I think I have enough colors now :)
except.... the ones on the floor.....
the Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Mars Black, White, Permanent Rose and Magenta is drying out or has dried out. ;(
So... I need to get the essential Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.... and maybe the Permanent Rose.
I still got 1 tube of Mars Black paint and 2 tubs of Titanium White.
I'll try to google if I can rescue / salvage the dried paints, but I don't know if it's possible or not.

Here's my Winsor & Newton artist watercolour collection

I was fascinated by watercolor art last time, still am, and these were on sale
so I thought.... oh well..........
some of them have dried up, but with watercolor you can always cut them open and use a wet brush with them, kinda like using the portable water color set that comes in tin.
So.... will try to explore watercolor later on :)

Some of my brushes... synthetic brushes for Acrylic paints

I have some of the more expensive Winsor & Newton brush here and the palette knife is also by the same brand, but I spend way too much time worrying about the brush.
So I find it better to use a more affordable brushes so I can focus more on the painting rather than the lifespan of my brushes.
Most of the brushes here is quite cheap actually and I still have more in my drawer, whenever I find a good quality affordable brushes, I tend to stock them up... well I only did once actually ;p
The pipette is used to add water drops when I want to thin out the paints on the palette.
My palette... I use Acrylic sheet cut out into a rectangle shape with rounded corners.

The whole lot

Will post painting photos soon, hopefully :)

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Ryan said...

How exciting to get back to what sounds like a real passion. Congratulations from

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