Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Flamingo mingo

So, this is my Flamingo painting, which I did in Sept '07.
The reference image is from Crias at Wet Canvas *thx crias :)* What is Wet Canvas you ask ? Well, it's a very resourceful art forum where you learn and share. Come and take a look around :)

Please keep in mind, I don't have any formal art education hohoho, painting is basically one of my many hobbies
Background color's a bit grey-sih, but hey....
First , it's pink paint all the way, then 'erasing' it with white paint. *you can do dat ? dunno but I 'erase' stuff all the time*
then adding a little detail with black.

Then adding more detail, as you can see, I'm a not very descriptive *lazy*
They both look kinda the same below. ooh.. I've added some highlight on flafla's head *flafla is the flamingo's name*

Then added more detail on the feathers, and added some details on flafla's eye.

Painted the rest of the background white, and it's blue ornament thingy all around. And it's done, it's done !!!
My mom and sis kept insisting that it's not done yet, "it doesn't look done", they say, but I wanted flafla to be on a white background.
So here it is, FLAFLA :)

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