Friday, June 11, 2010

James Hance - cool artist

I found this guy, James Hance, when I was just looking at twitter's random update tweets
and I totally love his paintings.... (not the scary goonie one, though ;p)

Loose but real-life looking
and he paints faces with great resemblance despite his loose technique
I want to learn that.... loose paintings seems easy and fun
but I know it's not easy, well, at least for me it's not :)
learn learn learn !!! :)

I don't know much about copyright and all that stuff....
but since his art contains characters from the muppets, starwars, etc
I just had to ask whether he obtained permission from the copyright holder first
and he kindly replied :
"hi! pretty much everything I paint is parody art, falling under the umbrella of 'fair use'. helps to have a good attorney :)"

Don't his paintings just make you happy ?
Love love love em :)

I think paintings should be just that
Fun to paint and the end result must make others happy

follow him on twitter to get updates on his latest works

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